We serve every UK university!

We provide convenient, safe, and affordable storage services. We can help you store your belongings whilst at university at a price you can afford.

Keep costs down with free collection and flexible pricing, you pay per box per month from as little as £3 per month. We also provide full refunds for unused boxes.

Keep storage simple with an all-inclusive service; pick the boxes you’d like to store, tell us your collection date and we’ll do the rest.

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Door to Door Student Storage, We collect your storage from university.

Book Collection Online

Book Collection Online

We Collect your storage

We Collect your storage

And Deliver them to you

And Deliver them to you

We arrange for boxes to be sent to you, collected for shipping or storage, and then redelivered at your request.

All-inclusive service

Collection of all boxes is free.

Free collection

All orders can be managed from your online account.

Manage Orders

We create and apply the unique labels to your boxes to help tracking and storage.

Label Creation

You can track the collection and delivery of your boxes from your online account or by contacting our customer service team.

Full tracking System

Each box is covered up to £100 for free.

Free Compensation Cover