Who are we?

Kit Keeper is a fast-growing student-orientated start-up. Founded by a University of York graduate, Kit Keeper is an award-winning student services company that is dedicated to making shipping and storage as simple as possible.


What will you be doing?

As a student brand ambassador, you will be responsible for representing and increasing brand awareness at their university. Using a combination of on and offline marketing, you will be responsible for bringing in new customers. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with other brand ambassadors from your own university to come up with campaigns and sales strategies. Brand ambassadors will be given a unique code, that gives customers a 10% discount and allows us to track how many sales you have made.


You will paid on an hourly basis when running events, and paid commission for every sale you make, at a rate of:

– £15 per storage sale

– £5 per shipping sale


We expect you to have a reasonable influence and high engagement rate on your social platforms, as this will be a key platform to make sales. Engagement in social life is preferable, since this will be another great way to spread the word.


What are we looking for?

– Enthusiastic, energetic and ambitious students

– Individuals engaged in student life and connections to student societies

– Creative students who can come up with new ideas and take initiative

– A strong understanding of the social media space

– Individuals who will create their own content to promote the brand, in the form of posts, stories, blogs, vlogs or videos

– Personally motivated to do the best possible job

– An eye for design and aesthetic

– Ability to engage/interact with an audience

– Someone with a strong social media presence, and high engagement rates


Please only apply if you are a current student at a university!


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