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Kit Keeper offers an affordable option for student shipping. We are industry leaders, offering door-to-door student shipping and storage.

How To Book Your Student shipping

Tell us where to ship to
Simply select on our student shipping booking page what items you would like to ship and to where. We offer affordable shipping options for students to Europe, America and Asia.
We'll Pick It Up
We can send you boxes and packing materials on the chosen day. A local delivery driver near you will pick up your items from your house or halls of residence and bring them to the local storage facility. From here we work with our shipping partners to ship your items to your chosen destination.
Door-To-Door Student Shipping
Your belongings and items are carefully shipped to your chosen address. Our service is available to all students studying in the UK. We offer student shipping and removals across the country or to international students who travel to the UK.
I cannot recommend Kit-Keeper highly enough. Whilst my son has been at university and out on internships, they have made storage the transport of boxes and suitcases so easy.
- Joanne McColgan
Kit Keeper is great. Second year using them and its such an easy process. My driver today was extremely helpful and kind. Thank you!
- Matilda Von Borries
Perfect 10/10, so easy to use and very great communication.
- Carla Milani
The service was really good, and if you have any questions they responded quickly.
- Tiffany Wang
It is the second time Kit Keeper helped me storage my luggages. Everything is perfect. The staff is very responsible. Also I am going to book the third order recently.
- Wang Ruoyu

Types of Student SHIPPING

Shipping By-The-Box
The best option to ship your stuff is by using our box service. We come and collect them from your university accommodation and ship them to where you want them to go. It’s that simple.
Shipping Luggage
When moving out at the end of terms, luggage and suitcases can get in your way. For students, you don’t always have space in your accommodation to keep them over the holiday period and you also might not want to have additional luggage on your travels. Our shipping service can also be a cheaper option than taking it on your flight.
Shipping Specialist Items
If you have bigger items such as sports equipment or musical instruments, or heavy or awkward packages which could be hard to transport, we can help you ship them to your destination.

Types of Student Shipping

Student Removals
Our shipping services can also help UK students with their removal requirements. If you live in the UK or are relocating to another address, we can help you shift your stuff to your new address as we’re used to offering a campus-to-campus shipping service to our student customers. Sometimes it is not easy to shift 8-10 boxes across a city so our shipping services can give you a simple student removals solution for an easy move.
International Student Shipping
Embarking on an international academic journey? KitKeeper has you covered. With its extensive network of logistics partners and streamlined customs clearance procedures, Kit Keeper facilitates international shipping for students studying abroad. Whether relocating to pursue higher education, participating in an exchange programme, or embarking on a research expedition, Kit Keeper ensures that belongings arrive safely and promptly at the destination. From packing and labelling to customs documentation and delivery, Kit Keeper handles every aspect of the shipping process, providing students with peace of mind and allowing them to focus on immersing themselves in new cultural experiences and academic pursuits.

popular shipping locations

Kit Keeper will collect from any mainland UK address, store, and ship to any global address. We’re experts in international student shipping to and from the UK.
Popular shipping locations for students:


Frequently asked questions about our student shipping service.
Do you organise international shipping?
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We can ship your belongings to an international address, but the fees may vary depending on the destination country. There are also some countries to which our partner does not offer international shipping.

How long will it take to have my belongings shipped?

For shipping orders within the UK it usually takes 1-2 days for your items to arrive after they’ve been collected. For international shipping orders it depends on the destination country and customs processing time.

How can I keep track of my shipping once it is in transit?

For a shipping order we will send you a tracking link and any additional information required for live tracking.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping for any box or suitcase has a flat rate of £24.99 / item. You can calculate shipping fees using our calculator on our booking page. In addition to the shipping costs you can expect to pay £11.99 if using Kit Keeper boxes.

What kind of packing equipment do you provide?

Whether you’re storing your belongings with us, or using our shipping services, we highly recommend purchasing our brand new double-walled cardboard boxes to keep our items safe. You can also purchase our strong and durable packing tape, to ensure that your boxes are securely shut. If you order bubblewrap, we will send you 5 metres of brand new bubble wrap for your fragile and precious items. We recommend using bubble wrap to keep any delicate belongings safe. We cannot take responsibility for any breakages, if you don’t use bubble wrap or other suitable protective packaging and also don’t follow the packing guidelines. We will keep your items safe, but you have to do your part by packing them right!

What are the exact dimensions of your boxes?

We offer 4 different box sizes. Small Box (30x30x30cm). Medium Box (35x35x35cm). Large Box (40x40x4cm). Extra Large Box (46x46x46cm). Please note when packing that no box can weigh 25kg when packed.

How many boxes should I order for my student shipping?

If you’re not sure how many boxes you need, when on our booking page HERE click “Suggested packages” on the booking page to see what we recommend depending on how much you are shipping.

Do you collect on the weekend or bank holidays?

As standard, we do not collect on either weekends or bank holidays. There are rare cases where we can accommodate weekend collection for an extra fee. In order to enquire please contact a member of our team.

More about Student Shipping

For anyone who is a student, or about to be one, it comes as no surprise that one of the skills involved with studying is juggling - no, not literally. There are academic responsibilities to uphold, extracurricular activities to enjoy, social engagements to attend, and much lower down on the list is managing belongings. 

In fact, a lot of students simply won’t manage their belongings, allowing them to clutter their space leaving them living in the chaos of boxes and suitcases filled with random items they may need at some point in the semester. Not only can this way of living be distracting and stressful, but it’s certainly not a recipe for success when it comes to studying. Essentially getting in the way of the main reason students go to University - to get a degree. 

Enter Kit Keeper – a trailblazing service dedicated to revolutionising student shipping, offering a plethora of benefits aimed at streamlining the logistics of campus life. From cost-effectiveness to convenience and peace of mind to space optimisation, KitKeeper addresses the diverse needs of modern-day students, making it the go-to solution for anyone navigating the complexities of higher education.

Why Student Shipping is Essential for All Students


There aren’t many students who aren’t on a tight budget, and those who have a little more luxury, are certainly not looking to invest those extra pennies into shipping and storage. But for all students, there is one common bell that rings true… every penny counts. Traditional methods of transporting belongings, such as hiring moving trucks or purchasing additional storage space, can quickly deplete financial resources. Even driving back and forth from home to grab extra items can add up over the semester! KitKeeper offers a cost-effective alternative, leveraging bulk shipping rates and efficient logistics to provide affordable shipping solutions tailored to the student's budget. By consolidating shipments and optimising routes, KitKeeper passes on savings to students, allowing them to allocate their resources towards other essential expenses such as rent, textbooks, and course fees.


If there is one thing that traditional student shipping and storage is, it’s inconvenient. Not just logistically but financially as well. Paying for a storage space makes a great inconvenience because you’re either using too much or paying for a half-empty space. At Kit Keeper, you pay per storage box, making it more than convenient for your finances. But it’s no good being able to easily store your items if you struggle to get to them. Kit Keeper eliminates the hassle of transporting goods by offering a door-to-door service. No more do students have to suffer the ordeal of navigating public transportation with piles of luggage or coordinating pickup and drop-off points with third parties. With Kit Keeper, students can focus on their studies and extracurricular pursuits without the added stress of logistical challenges. Additionally, KitKeeper's user-friendly online platform allows students to schedule shipments, track their belongings in real time, and communicate with customer service representatives, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free shipping experience from start to finish.

Peace of Mind: 

Anyone who has their belongings kept in storage knows that safety and security are of paramount concern. When it comes to students, many of whom will be in the early stages of their adult life, trusting a new service like student shipping and storage can be difficult. At Kit Keeper we prioritise peace of mind for those new (and old) to the market by offering comprehensive insurance and real-time tracking, ensuring that items are safeguarded throughout the shipping process. Each box that travels with Kit Keeper is in good hands, dedicated to reducing loss and damage. You only have to check out the reviews to see that the state of the returned box is in the exact same condition it left in. 

Space Optimisation: 

Student shipping can help transform the living space of students. For many, space is a precious commodity. Whether living in student halls or private rentals, often a student only has access to one room which means very limited space. Choosing to leave items behind in a previous home simply because you cannot store them isn’t uncommon. But gaining access to them once more is also an issue. That’s why student shipping is so essential. Kit Keeper offers a lifeline to gain access to those items when needed without having to pay for storage or live in a cramped condition. Kit Keeper also alleviates this challenge by providing storage solutions for items that are not immediately needed, freeing up valuable space for studying, socialising, and relaxation. By offering student shipping as well as short-term and long-term storage options, Kit Keeper allows students to declutter their living spaces without parting with cherished possessions, providing a sense of organisation and tranquillity amidst the chaos of academic life.

How Shipping Enhances Student Life

Smooth Transitions

If you’ve been a student for a little while, you’ll be fully aware that you’re in a constant state of moving. Between homes, campus, and various temporary accommodations. Student shipping simplifies these transitions by offering flexible shipping options. The options that are on offer mean you can adjust them to fit with your academic schedules, including holiday periods, placement years, study abroad programmes and internships. It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating for a month or a year, the seamless transition you can gain with student shipping is unparalleled for a stress-free transition, allowing you to focus on education and career pursuits. Moreover, Kit Keeper's dedicated customer service team is available to assist students with any questions or concerns, providing personalised support and guidance throughout the shipping process.

Campus-to-Campus Shipping: 

With Kit Keeper's extensive network of partnerships with universities across the UK, students can enjoy seamless shipping services from campus to campus. There are a number of reasons why student shipping between campuses could be useful. Relocation for internships and exchange programmes is one, but also it could be sending items between family members who are studying at the same time. It’s important to have hassle-free transportation of items during these times in order to minimise any pressure and anxiety around the new adventure. By offering flexible scheduling options and expedited shipping services, Kit Keeper accommodates students' diverse needs and preferences, providing a convenient and reliable solution for campus-to-campus shipping.

Halls of Residence or Private Rentals: 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re living in university student halls or renting from a private landlord nearby, many students will face similar issues. The common challenge is space and student shipping can help solve it by shipping items in and out of the premises when they’re needed. Leaving your space as less of a storage homage to your life and more of a working and thriving space to study and live. Additionally, Kit Keeper's packing and labelling services ensure that items are organised and accounted for, reducing the stress and uncertainty associated with moving and storage.

International Shipping 

Moving from a different country can be stressful and there is plenty to think about. It goes without saying but Kit Keeper handles every aspect of the shipping process, providing students with peace of mind and allowing them to focus on immersing themselves in new cultural experiences and academic pursuits.

In conclusion, student shipping offers a plethora of benefits, ranging from cost-effectiveness and convenience to peace of mind and space optimisation. Student shipping simplifies the logistics of campus life, allowing students to focus on their academic and personal growth.

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