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Kit Keeper has designed a bespoke door to door storage service for students.

How To Book Your Student Storage

Book Student Storage
Simply select on our student storage booking page what boxes you would like to store and for how long. Make sure to include your collection and delivery addresses, we will send you the boxes needed for storage.
We'll Pick It Up
We will send your boxes and packing materials on a day chosen by you. Once you are ready for your items to be collected (usually on a different day) a local driver will pick up your items from your house or halls of residence and take them to the local storage facility.
Door-To-Door Student Storage
Your belongings and items are carefully stored in a secured facility with CCTV monitoring. Store your items as long as you like! When you’re ready, a delivery driver will return your items on the day you choose.
I cannot recommend Kit-Keeper highly enough. Whilst my son has been at university and out on internships, they have made storage the transport of boxes and suitcases so easy.
- Joanne McColgan
Kit Keeper is great. Second year using them and its such an easy process. My driver today was extremely helpful and kind. Thank you!
- Matilda Von Borries
Perfect 10/10, so easy to use and very great communication.
- Carla Milani
The service was really good, and if you have any questions they responded quickly.
- Tiffany Wang
It is the second time Kit Keeper helped me storage my luggages. Everything is perfect. The staff is very responsible. Also I am going to book the third order recently.
- Wang Ruoyu

Types of Student Storage

Storage By-The-Box
Store your boxes with our student storage service. We come and collect them from your university accommodation and store them until you want them delivered back to you at any UK address.
Luggage Storage
You can store your luggage and suitcases with us. For students, you don’t always have space in your accommodation or you don’t wish to transport all your items during summer or winter breaks.
Storage Units
If you have bigger items such as furniture or a large number of boxes, a storage unit might be better value for you, you can contact our customer services here for help arranging a storage unit.

Sports Equipment

You might be a student, but that might not stop you from enjoying your hobby while studying. We help many students store sports equipment including bikes, winter sports gear like snowboards and skis, water sports items such as surfboards, paddleboards or kayaks and also golf clubs.

Musical Instruments

Your precious musical instruments can be tricky to transport when you’re not at university, so our student storage options allow you to easily store your musical instruments. 

Student Storage Locations Near You

Kit Keeper will collect from any mainland UK address, store, and return to any UK mainland address as part of the standard service meaning Kit Keeper has a nationwide coverage servicing every University in the UK. Kit Keeper can also ship to and from International addresses.

What types of student storage are there?

Summer holidays student storage
Go and enjoy your summer and leave your storage worries for us. Whether you’re leaving halls of residence or private accommodation we can help pack, collect and store your items over your summer break.
Short-term student storage
Sometimes you might need a simple and quick solution to store your items. Our short-term student storage service is perfect if you’re looking at storing items from a few days to a few weeks.
Student storage for longer periods
Need a long-term solution to store items while you’re a student. Maybe you’re off on a work placement or a gap year. We can help keep your stuff safe and secure while you’re away.
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Frequently asked questions about our student storage service.
How much does student storage cost?
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We aim to be as transparent as possible with our prices and openly communicate all costs involved. You can calculate your storage fees using our calculator in our booking page. In addition to the storage costs you can expect to pay the collection fee of £45 plus delivery of empty Kit Keeper boxes at £11.99.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can store?

As long as your items fit in either a cardboard box or a suitcase we can store as many of them as you want!

Do I need to provide my redelivery address when booking?

You don’t need to know your delivery date or address when making a booking. There are tick-boxes “Don’t know date” and “Don’t know address” at that part of the booking process. That will leave your delivery information blank, and you can updated later by logging in to your account or getting in touch with a member of our team. Please note that we need at least 3 working days notice to arrange your delivery!

What can and can’t I store?

We can only accept your belongings into storage if they are in one of our approved boxes, other double-walled cardboard boxes, or suitcases. Take a look at a helpful list of some the things we don’t store or ship here.

What kind of packing equipment do you provide?

Whether you’re storing your belongings with us, or using our shipping services, we highly recommend purchasing our brand new double-walled cardboard boxes to keep our items safe. You can also purchase our strong and durable packing tape, to ensure that your boxes are securely shut. If you order bubblewrap, we will send you 5 metres of brand new bubble wrap for your fragile and precious items. We recommend using bubble wrap to keep any delicate belongings safe. We cannot take responsibility for any breakages, if you don’t use bubble wrap or other suitable protective packaging and also don’t follow the packing guidelines. We will keep your items safe, but you have to do your part by packing them right!

What are the exact dimensions of your boxes?

We offer 4 different box sizes. Small Box (30x30x30cm). Medium Box (35x35x35cm). Large Box (40x40x4cm). Extra Large Box (46x46x46cm). Please note when packing that no box can weigh 25kg when packed.

How many boxes should I order for my student storage?

If you’re not sure how many boxes you need, when on our booking page HERE click “Suggested packages” on the booking page to see what we recommend depending on the room size. Don’t worry about ordering more boxes than you need! While we can’t refund you the price of the boxes themselves, we can adjust your storage fees, so you will only pay for the boxes actually in storage.

Can I store fragile items?

You cannot store glass or easily breakable items with Kit Keeper due to the risk of breakage and/or injury to couriers and warehouse staff. Find out more about what you can and can't store with us here.

Where do you store my belongings?

Keeping your belongings safe is really important to us, so rest assured they will be in good hands! Once collected, your boxes will be taken to one of our storage facilities, where they will be kept safe, secure, and monitored 24/7 by CCTV. We have local courier and storage partners all across the UK, so the exact storage location depends on what area we collected your items from.

Are there any restrictions on size/weight?

All items stored with us must not be larger than 75x50x50cm and must not weigh more than 25kg. If your boxes are severely overweight then a courier may refuse to collect them and you will be charged for a failed collection. If the boxes are found to be overweight once in the warehouse then we will have to charge you overweight fees. If the overweight nature of the boxes also means they are not structurally stable we may have to charge you for repacking.

Do you collect on the weekend or bank holidays?

Depending on the collection area we can sometimes accommodate weekend collection for an extra fee. To see if weekend collection is available in your area please contact a member of our team.

Where will the driver collect my order from?

Our drivers will collect from your nominated collection address. It is important that someone is present to hand over the boxes and can sign for the collection or delivery. The drivers will collect from a ground-floor front door or reception of the address. If you would like your items to be collected from the reception (or similar) in your accommodation please ensure we have the correct address and a contact number for the reception. Kit Keeper are also not liable for any missing items or issues involving the reception that occur between when you leave your items at reception and the collection itself. In some areas of the UK, we can offer a doorstep service whereby your items will be collected from the entrance to your personal student apartment on any floor. Please note that our couriers can't enter your room. This service costs £45 and we stress that it is not available in all areas. In order to enquire about booking this service please contact a member of our team.

More About Student Storage

Whether you’re a student about to fly the nest or a seasoned worker heading back to education for a new career, embarking on the journey of higher education can bring about a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation. It’s not uncommon for new students, and those returning after the summer, to get caught up in it all. While there is always excitement for new experiences and academic pursuits, students often find themselves struggling to manage their belongings in any sort of organised fashion. 

On the one hand there are cramped student halls and dormitories, and on the other, how is anyone supposed to know what they will or won’t need for the next three months aside from clothes. It’s clear that efficient student storage solutions need to be considered and arranged before the big journey to campus begins. Enter student storage with Kit Keeper – a beacon of convenience tailored to the unique needs of the academic populace. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll demonstrate the multiple benefits of student storage and why it should be something for you to consider before move in day. We’ll look at streamlining the university experience and how Kit Keeper provides a seamless solution to the storage conundrum we all face.

Cost-Effective Student Storage Solutions

It doesn’t matter at what point you’re heading to University, financial concerns come with the territory, and we don’t just mean affording your course fees. It’s why in this guide, the first topics we’re going to discuss is student storage. We know it’s not only a concern but a priority when it comes to finding a student storage solution. University life comes with its fair share of experiences, and not just those in the students union! Ever penny that you manage to save on your student storage can be better spent somewhere else and they add up to make a significant difference.

Compared to other alternatives such as renting additional living space or transporting belonginsde back and forth between home and University on a regular basis, student storage with Kit Kepper provides a healthy financial solution. There’s competitive pricing models and flexible storage plans. This allows students to allocate their resources and finances wisely while confidently knowing that their items are securely housed. 

Not only that, but as an added bonus, student storage solutions with Kit Keeper elimminates any need for students to buy more furniture (whether it be new from Ikea or second-hand from the Facebook marketplace) only for them to throw it away when they graduate. By only paying for the storage that is needed, students can make efficient use of their budget and redirect any savings towards other academic adventures or even personal ones in the summer break. 

Take a look at Kit Keepers student storage site for more information on how much your storage could cost you.

Student Storage Pick Up At Your Door

Now that we’ve discussed the financials on offer of course conveniences is the next most important aspect of student storage. Fortunately, Kit Keeper provide a door-to-door experience so there’s no logistical nightmare of dragging suitcases and boxes across town. Whether it’s storing textbooks, seasonal clothing, important momentoes or even your ski equipment for the upcoming winter trip, the convenience of student storage with Kit Keeper allows you to manage it all without any stress from the comfort of your home.

The door-to-door student storage services that Kit Keeper provide are second to none. Instead of coordinating transport or seeking facilities nearby, students can schedule a pick up from their door step and a drop off anywhere else in the world. Not only that, but Kit Keeper provide all the tools you may need to store your items including boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape. This streamlines process massively reduces any hassle around belongings, allowing student to focus on the reason they cam to University - their studies and extracurricular activities.

Peace of Mind for your Student Storage

Peace of mind is important when it comes to student storage. At Kit Keeper we understand the importance of safeguarding belongings and as such offer secure facilities with state-of-the-art surveillance features including on-site security. Not only that, but we take a high level of pride when it comes to organising your storage. It’s why many people have commented on the great condition their boxes are returned to them.

Something that isn’t taken into consideration is just how important that peace of mind is. Letting you know about all the ways your items are safe is just half of the recipe. Peace of mind for students allows them to relax a little more. Knowing their items are safe and that they can access them whenever they need and they’ll be returned in the condition they left. This sense of organisation and order contributes to a positive academic experience and promote overall well-being.

Student Storage - how much and size?

When it comes to student storage, we know that there’s a desire to store things of al sizes from small trinkets to bulk sports equipment. That’s why at Kit Keeper we provide a range of storage boxes for your to use as well as the option to store your own suitcase. As long as each box or item is under 25kg we can store as much as you need. For students who are living in halls of residence or private rentals, a single room often isn’t large enough to store all the extra items you need away from your clothing. Bicycles, skiing gear or musical instruments. Being able to store the items you need for only part of the semester is game-changer. When you opt to free up valuable space in living quarters, you promote a clutter-free environment, perfect for studying and academic success. 

Furthermore, the flexibility offered by student storage providers allows students to store items for short or long periods as needed. Whether they require storage during semester breaks, placement years, or extended travel, students can tailor their storage plans to suit their individual requirements. This adaptability ensures that students have access to storage solutions that align with their lifestyles and academic pursuits.

The Convenience Factor

The nature of university life often leaves students in limbo between accommodations at various points of the year. Whether transitioning between halls of residence, embarking on placement years, or jetting off during holiday periods, student storage offers a lifeline during times of transition. Instead of lugging belongings home or burdening friends with storage favours, students can rely on student storage services to bridge the gap seamlessly. This flexibility ensures that students can focus on the excitement of new experiences, without being bogged down by the practicalities of storage logistics.

Moreover, the convenience of student storage extends to the booking and management process. With a user-friendly online platforms and dedicated customer support, students who store with Kit Keeper can easily arrange storage services and access information about their stored items at any time. This accessibility streamlines the entire storage experience and empowers students to take control of their belongings with ease.

University Storage Partnership with KitKeeper

In collaboration with leading universities across the UK, KitKeeper has established itself as the premier platform for student storage solutions. With strategic partnerships encompassing prestigious institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Durham, and Exeter, KitKeeper extends its reach to cater to the diverse needs of students nationwide. 

Through these partnerships, KitKeeper ensures that students have access to storage solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of university life. Whether they need short-term storage during term breaks or long-term storage for the duration of their studies, KitKeeper offers flexible options that cater to every student's needs. 

In conclusion, student storage emerges as a cornerstone of convenience and practicality in the realm of university life. By offering cost-effective solutions, doorstep convenience, peace of mind, and accommodation for items of all sizes, student storage services like KitKeeper revolutionise the way students manage their belongings.

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