Student golf club Storage

Kit Keeper has the perfect storage option for storage of your sports gear. We are industry leaders, offering door-to-door student shipping and storage. Golf clubs and other sporting equipment are regularly booked with Kit Keeper while students are away as it’s not always convenient to take your equipment with you.

How to Book golf club Storage

Book Student Storage
Simply select on our student storage booking page what boxes you would like to store and for how long. Make sure to include your collection and delivery addresses, we will send you the boxes needed for storage.
We'll Pick It Up
We will send your boxes and packing materials on the chosen day. A local delivery driver near you will pick up your items from your house or halls of residence and bring them to the local storage facility.
Door-to-Door Student Storage
Your belongings and items are carefully stored in a secured facility with CCTV monitoring. Store your items as long as you like! When you’re ready, a delivery driver will return your items on the day you choose.
I cannot recommend Kit-Keeper highly enough. Whilst my son has been at university and out on internships, they have made storage the transport of boxes and suitcases so easy.
- Joanne McColgan
Kit Keeper is great. Second year using them and its such an easy process. My driver today was extremely helpful and kind. Thank you!
- Matilda Von Borries
Perfect 10/10, so easy to use and very great communication.
- Carla Milani
The service was really good, and if you have any questions they responded quickly.
- Tiffany Wang
It is the second time Kit Keeper helped me storage my luggages. Everything is perfect. The staff is very responsible. Also I am going to book the third order recently.
- Wang Ruoyu

golf equipment Storage

Storing your bag and clubs

For students balancing academic pursuits with their love for golf, finding reliable storage solutions for their clubs is often akin to mastering a challenging course. However, with Kit Keeper, a premier storage service tailored for sports enthusiasts, navigating this obstacle becomes a breeze. Let’s delve into how Kit Keeper's innovative approach, which focuses on storing items based on their size rather than selling specific storage areas, caters specifically to the needs of student golfers across the UK.

The transient nature of student life, coupled with space constraints in accommodations, presents a formidable challenge for those seeking to safeguard their golf clubs. Kit Keeper revolutionises the traditional storage model by prioritising efficient use of space, ensuring that students can securely stow away their golf clubs without straying far from their academic hubs.

Key Considerations

When evaluating storage solutions for their golf clubs, students should consider the following factors:

Efficient Space Utilisation: Kit Keeper's innovative approach to storage maximises space efficiency, ensuring that students can store their golf clubs securely without wasting valuable storage space.

Flexibility and Convenience: By storing items based on their size rather than predefined storage areas, Kit Keeper offers students flexibility and convenience, making it easy to access their golf clubs whenever needed.

Security and Safety: Kit Keeper prioritises the safety and security of students' belongings, ensuring that golf clubs are stored securely in facilities equipped with robust security measures.

Affordability: With competitive pricing and flexible payment options, Kit Keeper offers cost-effective solutions that align with students' budgets regardless of prior storage solutions obtained.

Reliability: With Kit Keeper, students can trust that their golf clubs are stored securely based on their size and not squeezed into any containers, allowing them to focus on their studies and golfing pursuits with confidence.

Short-term Student Storage Locations Near You

Kit Keeper will collect from any mainland UK address, store, and return to any UK mainland address as part of the standard service meaning Kit Keeper has a nationwide coverage servicing every University in the UK.


Frequently asked questions about our student storage service
How much does student storage cost for golf equipment?
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We aim to be as transparent as possible with our prices and openly communicate all costs involved. You can calculate your storage fees using our calculator in our booking page. In addition to the storage costs you can expect to pay the collection fee of £25 plus delivery of empty Kit Keeper boxes at £11.99.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can store?

As long as your items fit in either a cardboard box or a suitcase we can store as many of them as you want!

What can and can’t I store?

We can only accept your belongings into storage if they are in one of our approved boxes, other double-walled cardboard boxes, or suitcases. Take a look at a helpful list of some the things we don’t store or ship here.

What kind of packing equipment do you provide?

Whether you’re storing your belongings with us, or using our shipping services, we highly recommend purchasing our brand new double-walled cardboard boxes to keep our items safe. You can also purchase our strong and durable packing tape, to ensure that your boxes are securely shut. If you order bubblewrap, we will send you 5 metres of brand new bubble wrap for your fragile and precious items. We recommend using bubble wrap to keep any delicate belongings safe. We cannot take responsibility for any breakages, if you don’t use bubble wrap or other suitable protective packaging and also don’t follow the packing guidelines. We will keep your items safe, but you have to do your part by packing them right!

What are the exact dimensions of your boxes?

We offer 4 different box sizes. Small Box (30x30x30cm). Medium Box (35x35x35cm). Large Box (40x40x4cm). Extra Large Box (46x46x46cm). Please note when packing that no box can weigh 25kg when packed.

golf equipment storage

Managing golf clubs as a student poses unique challenges, but Kit Keeper's innovative approach alleviates these burdens by providing tailored storage solutions. Let's explore in more depth how Kit Keeper's services benefit student golfers:

Maximising Space Efficiency: Traditional storage solutions often allocate fixed storage areas, leading to inefficient use of space. Golf clubs are typically considered an awkward size for these storage areas which often leads to a higher expense to store golf clubs. Kit Keeper's approach of storing items based on their size ensures that every inch of storage space is optimised. For students with limited space in their accommodations, this means being able to store their golf clubs without sacrificing valuable living space.

Convenient Access: Whether it's a spontaneous round of golf with friends or a scheduled practice session, easy access to golf clubs is essential for student golfers. Kit Keeper's flexible storage solutions ensure that students can retrieve their clubs whenever inspiration strikes, without the hassle of navigating through cluttered storage spaces.

Safety and Security: Trusting valuable sports equipment to a storage service requires confidence in its security measures. Kit Keeper prioritises the safety and security of students' belongings, employing state-of-the-art security systems and robust access controls to safeguard golf clubs from theft or damage.

Budget-Friendly Options: As students, budget considerations are always at the forefront of decision-making. Kit Keeper offers competitive pricing and flexible payment plans, making their storage solutions accessible to students with varying budgets. By providing cost-effective options, Kit Keeper ensures that every student golfer can afford to keep their clubs safe and secure.

Supporting Student Communities: Shared storage solutions foster a sense of community among students, allowing them to collaborate and support each other in overcoming storage challenges. Kit Keeper facilitates shared storage arrangements, enabling students to split the costs and responsibilities of storing their golf clubs while building lasting connections with their housemates.

Kit Keeper's innovative storage solutions for student golfers offer a winning combination of convenience, affordability, and reliability. By prioritising space efficiency, flexibility, and security, Kit Keeper enables student golfers to store their clubs with confidence, allowing them to focus on their academic and sporting pursuits without worrying about storage challenges. With Kit Keeper, storing golf clubs becomes a seamless part of the student experience, unlocking a world of possibilities both on and off the green.

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