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Our customers use us for all sorts of reasons. We’re very proud of our Excellent Trust Pilot rating which shows all the different ways we have been able to help our customers. One of our favourite customers has booked with us 23 times so we must be doing something right! He are some of the most common reasons that people book with KitKeeper.
Hassle Saving
Saves the hassle of transporting bulky or heavy bags on a busy train or bus home, especially when there are those inconvenient transfers between platforms!
Cost Effective
Storing items locally or shipping them home can be much more cost effective than a parent doing a round trip at the end of term and the beginning of the next.
Kit Keeping
Various student communities store kit or team belongings with us when they're not required. It’s easy to get them back whenever they need access to them.
Home Helping
Storing locally to uni also makes sense if there isn’t space at home for items that are not required until next term.
Long Term
We have a number of customers who have entrusted their student belongings with us while they take a year abroad or in a work placement.
Planet Friendly
Avoiding that extra round trip and storing your stuff locally to uni could also be kinder to the planet.
Many of our customers travel to uni in another part of the UK from where they live. We also have a lot of international customers who have an even greater challenge of getting their belongings to uni and back again. We help to provide peace of mind, and by doing so we like to think that students can then focus on getting the most out of their uni experience in the UK. Please see our FAQs for further information or feel free to call our customer support number.
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