Student Water Sports Equipment Storage

Kit Keeper has the perfect storage option for storage of your water sports gear. We are industry leaders, offering door-to-door student shipping and storage. It’s not easy to store paddleboards, surfboards, kayaks, canoes, and water skis, but we’re here to help you with our simple student storage options.

How to book your Water Sports Equipment Storage

Book Student Storage
Simply select on our student storage booking page what boxes you would like to store and for how long. Make sure to include your collection and delivery addresses, we will send you the boxes needed for storage.
We'll Pick It Up
We will send your boxes and packing materials on the chosen day. A local delivery driver near you will pick up your items from your house or halls of residence and bring them to the local storage facility.
Door-to-Door Student Storage
Your belongings and items are carefully stored in a secured facility with CCTV monitoring. Store your items as long as you like! When you’re ready, a delivery driver will return your items on the day you choose.
Amazing service! Always arrived on time for collection and delivery, and my boxes were in great condition when they were delivered. Would definitely use them again!
- Gemma Wallman
Great services and customer service provided. I was called before my stuff arrived which I appreciated a lot. Customer service solved any issues I had very quickly and were very communicative.
- Joshua Ayoka
Order came at the right time and right place with no problems, everything was stored perfectly the same way I gave it to them and very smooth and quick.
- Saran
Kit Keeper always provides a great service! The staff are helpful, friendly and professional and deliveries and collections are punctual.
- Magnolia
From collection to delivery, everything went smoothly. Very responsive and responsible customer service agents. Reasonable price, I hope I had known this company sooner.
- Kelsea Zhao

Water Sports Equipment Storage

Challenges of Storing Sports Equipment

Engaging in water sports offers a thrilling escape for enthusiasts seeking adventure and relaxation amidst the waves. However, storing water sports equipment, such as paddleboards, surfboards, kayaks, canoes, and water skis, poses a unique challenge, particularly for those navigating the waters of university life. In this comprehensive guide, we explore various storage options tailored specifically to water sports enthusiasts in the UK.

Water sports enthusiasts face the dual challenge of safeguarding their equipment and navigating the limited storage options available, especially in university environments where space is often at a premium. Whether it's storing a paddleboard between surf sessions or safely stowing away a kayak after an exhilarating river expedition, finding suitable storage solutions is essential for water enthusiasts to protect their equipment and enjoy their aquatic pursuits to the fullest.

Specialist Water Sports Storage Services: 

Recognising the unique requirements of water sports equipment, Kit Keeper offers specialist storage services tailored specifically for paddleboards, surfboards, kayaks, and other watercraft. Renting storage based on the items stored and not on the space itself. These services can include secure storage facilities equipped with racks, cradles, or hoists designed to accommodate different types of water sports equipment. 

Factors to Consider

When evaluating storage options for water sports equipment, enthusiasts should consider several key factors to ensure they choose the right solution:

Security: Ensuring that the storage facility provides adequate security measures, such as CCTV surveillance, access control systems, and sturdy locks, to protect equipment from theft and vandalism.

Accessibility: Choosing a storage solution that offers convenient access to the water, considering factors such as proximity to popular water sports destinations, ease of launching equipment, and availability of amenities such as boat ramps or waterfront access points. Some storage capabilities such as those with Kit Keeper provide a delivery option where you can choose where you receive your water sports equipment.

Space Requirements: Assessing the size and dimensions of the water sports equipment to determine the storage space required and whether the chosen storage solution can accommodate it effectively. Is the storage option providing too much space and therefore comes at an unaffordable cost?

Budget: Comparing the costs of different storage options, including rental fees, security deposits, and any additional charges, to ensure that the chosen solution fits within the enthusiast's budget.

Additional Services and Amenities: Consider whether the storage facility offers any additional services, such as equipment maintenance, repair, or transportation, to enhance the convenience and value of the storage solution.

Short-term Student Storage Locations Near You

Kit Keeper will collect from any mainland UK address, store, and return to any UK mainland address as part of the standard service meaning Kit Keeper has a nationwide coverage servicing every University in the UK.


Frequently asked questions about our student storage service
How much does student storage cost for water sports equipment?
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We aim to be as transparent as possible with our prices and openly communicate all costs involved. You can calculate your storage fees using our calculator in our booking page. In addition to the storage costs you can expect to pay the collection fee of £25 plus delivery of empty Kit Keeper boxes at £11.99.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can store?

As long as your items fit in either a cardboard box or a suitcase we can store as many of them as you want!

What can and can’t I store?

We can only accept your belongings into storage if they are in one of our approved boxes, other double-walled cardboard boxes, or suitcases. Take a look at a helpful list of some the things we don’t store or ship here.

What kind of packing equipment do you provide?

Whether you’re storing your belongings with us, or using our shipping services, we highly recommend purchasing our brand new double-walled cardboard boxes to keep our items safe. You can also purchase our strong and durable packing tape, to ensure that your boxes are securely shut. If you order bubblewrap, we will send you 5 metres of brand new bubble wrap for your fragile and precious items. We recommend using bubble wrap to keep any delicate belongings safe. We cannot take responsibility for any breakages, if you don’t use bubble wrap or other suitable protective packaging and also don’t follow the packing guidelines. We will keep your items safe, but you have to do your part by packing them right!

What are the exact dimensions of your boxes?

We offer 4 different box sizes. Small Box (30x30x30cm). Medium Box (35x35x35cm). Large Box (40x40x4cm). Extra Large Box (46x46x46cm). Please note when packing that no box can weigh 25kg when packed.

Why Choose Kit Keeper?

The cost of water sports equipment storage can vary widely depending on several factors, including the location, the amount of storage space needed, and the duration of storage.

Take a look at Kit Keepers student storage for more information on how much your storage could cost you.

Kit Keeper is partially funded by Innovate UK, an innovation arm of the government, which has supported our efforts to create a sustainable environmentally friendly storage platform. We also are the trusted official storage partner of many universities in the UK.

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